After-Death Communication:
18 Ways Our Deceased Loved Ones Communicate With Us

Damaris Drewry, Ph.D.

This is my Doctoral Dissertation Research Study.  Dr. Stanley Krippner, Professor Emeritus at Saybrook University was a Committee Member. I went back to school to earn my Doctorate in Psychology after experiencing many ADC communications from my husband after he died in November 1995.  I started my studies in 1997 and finished in 2002. - Dr. Damaris Drewry
The After-Death Communication Phenomenon:

ADC experiences occur along a
continuum of intensity and emotional
impact. They can be uneventful and unemotional; sometimes frightening or disturbing. But mostly they are common, natural, non-pathological, beneficial and comforting, and sometimes extraordinarily
spiritually healing
to a someone who has lost
a mate, child, parent, or a pet.

Our loved ones don't always communicate, but sometimes they make do a huge effort to let us know that consciousness survives death.

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